report on portland part 2: the ace hotel

Interesting surroundings, interesting people, cool art, and they take dogs? It’s no surprise we liked our stay at the Ace Hotel in Portland so much.

Because we have two large mastiffs, we made sure to get a room that wouldn’t be too small. We ended up in one of the Superior Deluxe corner rooms, and let’s just say — yes, it was big enough! At 500 square feet, it was larger than my first apartment. The enormous couch (which converts into two twin beds, and no, we didn’t let the dogs on them) was super comfortable and looked to be upholstered with old military tent material. The desk was made from reclaimed wood and a battered Marines locker. The room also had a record player and a selection of vinyl. I had a nice moment of nostalgia listening to a Boz Scaggs record that was once a major feature in my older sister’s music collection. Click for more photos and fun!

Part of the Ace’s appeal, of course, is the decor, especially in rooms that feature work by local artists. Two rooms at the Portland hotel, above, have work by local artist Brent Wick and Seattle artist Shawn Wolfe.

The lobby was almost always full of people who wandered in with a fresh cup of coffee from the adjacent Stumptown Roasters — my favorite coffee of all time. As you might imagine, two dogs that each weigh well over 100 pounds got a little attention, but we certainly weren’t the most unusual to walk through the Ace’s double doors. Shannon at the front desk told my husband how just a few days before a guy had checked in with a pet flying squirrel — yes, a flying squirrel, which zipped all over the lobby. I don’t think our mastiffs would have taken that lying down.

The Ace is right at Portland’s Pearl District, with tons of great stuff within walking distance. The Portland Streetcar also goes right by the hotel. With our two big dogs, the only slight drawback was needing to walk about four or five blocks just to get them to a spot large enough for them to “do their business.” So unless your animal is small and can make do with a few planted strips along sidewalks, plan to get a little exercise. This turned out to be a good thing, though — the North Park Blocks were good for people watching; at various times we saw schoolkids doing calisthenics, college photography students, and professionals on their lunch breaks. And because so much walking was added to the routine, our dogs were completely sacked out at the end of the day.

Learn more about the Ace Hotels in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Palm Springs here. We’re looking forward to our next visit!

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Thanks for the report. I’m glad to hear about a nice hotel that takes dogs. It can be ridiculously hard to find a nice place to stay when traveling with pups.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your dogs!

We stayed in a much smaller room at the Ace, but it was fine for two people without pets. Love that lobby so much–it was my favorite part of the hotel. That, and the photobooth.

Tiffany S.

I’m glad you liked it and super thrilled they take dogs, but I find something about that room to be super creepy. Like somewhere you’d be held prisoner. Glad it didn’t seem like that in real life.

Mary T

There was a definitely military feel with the decorating, Tiffany, but the overall effect was pretty open and airy, surprisingly. Blame my photography skills! There’s no denying it’s an old building; the feeling is kind of like a very cool used bookstore, or maybe an office building where a private eye should have his HQ. I should add a photo of the bathroom which was all white tile with a clawfoot tub painted black. That was cool!

I wonder if this is related to the Ace Hotel I stayed with in London. Is this a hostel at all?

If so that was the most amazing hostel I’ve ever been to. If traveling to London I more than recommend it.

OMG! You have totally solidified my decision to visit Portland! Now I know where I’m going to stay when I go. :o)