mail order delight: fran’s salted caramels

President Obama and I have something in common. No, it’s not a Portuguese Water Dog (I wish); it’s a strong fancy for Fran’s Chocolates. The first time I tasted one of Fran’s Salted Caramels, I was in love, and fell hard. Smooth, soft, and buttery caramel is covered with either rich dark or smooth milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt (smoked sea salt with the milk chocolate). If you think you’ve heard of this combo before, you have, but Fran’s are the award-winning first to start the trend. How perfect would a box of these sweet-n-salty treats be for your mom? If you purchase online as late as Thursday, it will arrive on time for Mother’s Day! –Megan B.

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Only $4 an ounce, too. ; )

Mary T

Okay, I saw these at the checkout at Metropolitan Market yesterday and had to try them. CURSE YOU MEGAN B!