are you taking advantage of the 2009 tax stimulus energy rebates?

This year, instead of spending our tax return on things like paintings and fancy dinners out, we’ve decided to put some money into our new home — we’re springing for double paned windows. Not only will we be seeing savings on our energy bills, but the government has added some extra incentive. They’re offering a 30% return on the retail cost of certain eligible energy-efficient upgrades to your home. Eligible improvements like tankless water heaters, roofing, Energy Star-rated windows, and insulation could net you a tax credit of up to $1,500. And it’s not just for this year — the credit is extended for 2010 as well. To get the full $1,500 credit you’ve got to spend $6,000 (which was easy for us with the windows). You can find more detailed specifics about the rebates here. –Megan B.

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Anything from windows to solar-energy systems to insulation to hybrid cars can qualify for tax credits. There’s a big list from Kathy’s Remodeling Blog: