want it now: robotic pet poop composter!

Last year, I was excited about our DIY dog poop composter, but that excitement waned once I started reading the comments and their links to all the negatives of composting pet poo in one’s own yard. We did use our composter up to a point, but let’s just say input (read: two very big mastiffs) overpowered space available, and with some of the bad environmental reports we read, we decided to suspend that project. So I was very excited when Leah at More Ways to Waste Time sent me this link about Samu, a robotic pet poop composter that is also ridiculously cute. According to hometone, it can decompose 600-1000g of waste per day. The downside? It costs $900! But if you want to look into purchasing one anyway, Crunchgear has links on where to start. –Mary T.

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