here’s a tattoo even i can commit to

I find the idea of a tattoo appealing, but I’ve never been able to make a commitment to something that long-term. For instance, what if I had gotten a Tiki tattoo five years ago when I was into that style? Because now I’m kind of over it. But the new Tattoo collection from Jessica Rust Designs? I think I could commit to this one. The line of plates, mugs, dessert plates, and platters feature designs by Minneapolis-based tattoo artist Mike Tofano. Like all Jessica Rust ware, the dishes are meant to be personalized. Such a sentiment makes the cost ($160 for a set of dessert plates and mugs, $98 for a set of four dessert plates, or $72 for a set of four mugs) a lot more palatable. And if you preorder now, you can save 10% when you enter code “tattoome.” Either way, it’s a lot cheaper than getting an actual tattoo. –Mary T.

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These are so gorgeous! My mother would die, as she did when I got my own tattoo, but what a grand place setting! Fabulous. -e