five things we learned last week

1) Grenade-shaped bags are just plain appealing. Mike Keliher says this about the Greenaid reusable shopping bags: “Strangely appealing? This is far cooler than the white canvas bag I have from the co-op across the street. Bombs away!”

2) Chewy amaretti cookies look gourmet, but are suitable for amateur bakers. Alison @ShelterPop asks: “Are these fairly simple to make? They look super yummy and I’m not exactly the pro baker : )” Lisa responds, “Yes, they are! I am not the best baker either, but I had no trouble at all.” She shares more tips, so be sure to check out the cookies that have us all drooling.

3) A well-set table goes beyond the table. Tasterspoon says: “The thing that makes our table look like we tried is NOT using the overhead chandelier. We have some little frosted lamps on the floor in the corners of the dining room and we turn them on so it’s not pitch dark and so the space looks bigger, but the only other light comes from lots of candles on the table. It makes any dinner seem like a dinner party.” Share your table decorating tips here.

4) There are endless possibilities for making delicious grilled cheese. The suggestions just keep on coming, the latest from Mara, who says: “Make a ‘Nutty Vegetarian’ (my ex swears it was named after me ;). This is a regular on the menu of a little pub in Corvallis, Oregon called ‘Old World Deli.’ Skip the lemon and add roasted & salted sunflower seeds before you cook. After it is finished, slices of avocado are a great addition also (if you can open the bread from the melted cheese goodness).” Yum! See all the grilled cheese goodness here.

5) A soapy gun has made us laugh before. Judyofthewoods says: “Reminds me of a Woody Allen film where he tried to escape from prison by carving a gun from soap. Trouble was, it rained when he attempted the break, and he ended up with a hand full of foam, and was marched back to his cell. That’s how I remember it anyway. Or was it a failed bank robbery….” (For the record, the movie she’s referring to is Take the Money and Run.) Check out the soap gun here.

Photo by Benjamin Earwicker

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