fun field trip: the pyrex museum

About a year ago or so ago, I read about a Pyrex museum in the little Kitsap County town of Bremerton, WA. Being obsessed with the vintage glassware, I made it a goal of mine to make the trip out there — a mere hourlong ferry ride from Seattle. The “museum” itself is more of a mini museum, just two small rooms attached to an art gallery. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with vibrantly patterned bowls, casseroles, and butter dishes — I felt like a kid in a candy store. Artist Amy Burnett started the museum to display her amazing collection of Pyrex, which to her represents “what America is all about.” She had a few vintage pieces for sale in the gift shop. And even though this museum is tiny, it apparently attracts visitors from all over the country — one visitor while I was there had driven all the way up from California! The Pyrex Museum at the Amy Burnett Gallery is located at 408 Pacific Ave., Bremerton, WA. –Megan B.

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I want to drive there TODAY…and I live in Boston! Very cool!!

I have such fond memories of that blue bowl with the folk pattern on it. We used that all the time to make chocolate chip cookies as a kid. Thanks for this great post.

Tiffany S.

So cool…I’ll have to see how far it is from the ferry so we can check it out next time we’re over there!

Wow, I gasped upon seeing this.

Megan B

Tiffany, It’s walkable from the ferry. You should definitely go if you’re headed out that way. And the ferry out there is pretty gorgeous, too!

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Oh man, I just moved South after living in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t believe I missed out on going to this while it was local! I am a pyrex freak.

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wow. I love in seattle and have never heard of a pyrex collection before now. great photos.

I live in Seattle and somehow never even knew about this until today. Just looking at the photo makes me smile, so I can only imagine a trip through the museum will make me positively giddy!
What a great collection :)