my houseplants are in mint condition

I’m not good with plants. In fact, if all the greenery in the world got together and began its own version of the FBI, I would definitely be Public Enemy Number One. When I was in college, I’d come home every summer and winter break with a box of half-dead plants that my mom would whisk away for some plant rehab. So you can imagine the sigh of relief heard in greenhouses everywhere this week when my newly planted mint began flourishing.

Mint is a plant known for exponential growth (which I why I sought it out in the first place). I planted mine in a medium-size pot on my apartment windowsill in full sun, and the very next day, I could already see growth. In the yard, mint’s rapid growth can be a double-edged sword — gardeners who want a tidy patch of mint should plant it in a plastic container with a bottom buried in the ground. But for the non-plant-savvy like myself, mint is a breath of fresh air. –Katie D.

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T Bone

Awesome, is the mint aromatic too? I think that would be another geat reason to grow it.

I blogged the same thing this week!

Good luck with the mint! :-)


Be careful putting mint in the ground, even inside a pot–I tried this with a 6-inch plastic pot a few years ago, and by the end of the summer had a patch of mint over two foot across, which spread even further the following year. I guess that it sent runners through the drainage holes? Fortunately, we drink a lot of juleps.

Double A

That’s good to know that I, Public Enemy Number 2, can get into gardening with a plant that will not be too difficult to take care of!


Great article. I found that planting mint in the garden helped by putting them in bottomless containers in the soil.


Mint is a great plant for beginners! I would recommend getting it from a nursery instead of planting it yourself. It is a little tough to grow from seed.

I enjoy some fresh brewed iced tea with a home grown mint leaf!