okay, i’m committing: we’re building our modern shed

The best way to do something is just to decide you’re going to do it. So I am hereby committing (or maybe I should be committed): we’re going to build the ReadyMade MD100 modern shed — the one that we’ve had the plans for since 2005 — this summer. It is time.

Where it’s going:
A rotting pile of wood, I mean, shed that came with our house is coming down so the MD100 can take its place. The good news: The site is already wired for electricity, so we won’t have to do that work ourselves. The wood is literally rotting, so tearing it down should be easy. The not-so-good news: Rats (yes, rats) really love our old shed. There is, um, evidence of that. We’re really going to have to brace ourselves for what we find in the tight, scary dark space between the back of the old shed and a retaining wall.

How we’re building it:
Here’s where the “committed” part comes into play: We’re going to try to do this using all reclaimed materials. Partially out of necessity — our income was cut by a third this year, so buying all-new isn’t really an option. But also because it will be a fun challenge to see what we can find on Freecycle, Craigslist, and at local salvage stores like RE Store and Earthwise.

We’re starting the seplace for materials May 30. Let the stress and fighting begin! –Mary T.

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Good luck! I can’t wait to see what the finished product will look like.

This shed has haunted me from the moment I got my first issue of Readymade. Why is it so cool? And why am I not cool enough to actually order the plans and build it?

I’m excited you guys are giving it a go and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

While you’re looking for reclaimed materials, don’t forget farms and construction sites. There will almost always be a dump site nearby and you can get all kinds of wood and other materials.

Tiffany S.

I will commit to bringing you guys dinner after a long hard day of rat chasing and re-building (i don’t need to be there for that).

I have to say I have an unnatural love for that corrugated metal.

Megan B

It’ll be like an Amish barn raising- without the hats and bonnets!


We want to build the MD100 too, but Ready Made no longer sells the plans. Any ideas where we can get it?


I’ve just started reading your blog – love it! We’ve been thinking about a shed as well – do you know where we can purchase the plans? Can’t find them on the Readymade website… Also, are you in Seattle, as Restore is right in my neighborhood! I will love seeing your shed come together, it might give me enough encouragement to get our backyard going!


Oh I just answered my own (and Yolanda’s) question – you can’t buy them anymore, they are free here:


Woo Hoo! Found it! We may just build right along with you!

Good Luck! I was determined to build this shed as well…although I ended up just making up my own plans. Still in progress on the interior but it is built…i would have loved the glass front but it was just TOO much for the area that I was going to put the shed…the Florida sun in the evening would have Vaporized anything in side! ReStore and the clearance sections were invaluable! If you check out Flickr and run a seplace for modern shed there are several renditions of this and similar sheds that people have built that can give you some neat ideas…here is my modified version..plus backyard disaster area/ airstream workshop!


Mary T

Oh my gosh, I didn’t! If only I lived in LA!!!!

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