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As you probably know, we have two big, hairy dogs, plus two long-haired cats. Add that to a house with hardwood floors, and you’ve got some serious fur tumbleweeds. I was happy to discover that the FURminator, which I finally broke down and purchased earlier this year, isn’t just hype — two good brushings of our dogs, and we noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of hair we vacuumed up that week. So I’m excited to see the new products that FURminator has out now. The FURminator deShedding Tool now comes with a “FURejector” button which quickly cleans the removed hair from the tool. Before we purchased the original FURminator, we had a shedding tool with a similar feature, and it is a LOT easier to groom your pet when you can just click a button for the shed fur to drop off the tool. Then there’s the bathing devices: the TubNub Bathing Brush with rubber “nubs” that help remove dirt and loose hair and to massage shampoo into your pet’s coat, and a lightweight microfiber towel. Our one-year-old mastiff Dahlia is a sworn enemy of bath time, so these products could make things a bit more pleasant for her (and us). Get the dirt (heh) on all the new FURminator deShedding Tools here. –Mary T.

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I, too, bought the Furminator and I absolutely love it! My dog Jack is a real sheddy-meux, but after using the Furminator on him, the shedding is virtually nil. Great tool, worth the investment!


i wish i understood the big whoop-de-doo about furminator. i bought one that i tried with my cats, and they still shed all over the place. it gets a big ‘meh’ from me.

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