help! anyone got an ikea tullsta slipcover pattern?

Reader Lisa Grober writes:

I’m hoping that you can help me find a sewing pattern for an IKEA TULLSTA Slipcover. I think the IKEA options are dreadful, and I’m not in love with any from Bemz since I’d like to avoid the skirt if at all possible. I’m excited to start this project. I’m just thinking it would be a lot less labor intensive if I had a pattern. I’m sure someone out there has one… Thanks.

Well, Lisa, we checked around, and it seems you’re not the first to ask this question — there’s a similar question with just one response at Yahoo. Casa Sugar had a very inspiring example of a DIYer who gave her own TULLSTA chair a terrific facelift — that’s the result in the above photo. It’s not exactly a pattern, but you can get the details of how she did it here.

What about you, readers? Any suggestions for Lisa?

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sounds like an opportunity!
someone should buy ikea slipcovers, take them apart and make and sell patterns. like a DIY Bemz!

and that person won’t be me!
haha. good luck!

you should check out Ikea Hacker! one of my favorite blogs. I’m sure they’ll have something there. if not, you can ask the community!


Looks like most of the IKEA hacks just cut off the old cover and use it for a pattern. Seems like an easy way to me, and you know it’ll fit!

Sorry, I only know about Yvestown’s Skruvsta pattern but not one for this very popular and cheap chair.


Lisa, if you can figure it out I would gladly order two short covers from you; I was looking for short covers online, hoping that somebody else had had the idea (and the skill!) before, and apparently, it looks like it would be a DIY project… The thing is… I can’t sew!
Let me know!