in seplace of a modern mailbox

We’ve talked house numbers, and now on to the next outdoor accessory: modern mailboxes. The mailbox that’s attached to my garage currently is so bad it’s just embarrassing — a traditional roadside mailbox shape made from battered resin, stained with paint from some long-ago garage painter, and with a metal flag so rusty and bendy it no longer stands up straight. I’d love to replace it with a modern mailbox, but they are spendy. I like a lot of these by Knobloch, especially the red “Post” box, but $395 on sale? Ack! The Bobi mailboxes with their playful take on a USPS mailbox are also nice — and almost twice as expensive. And don’t even get me started on the (admittedly great looking) mailboxes at DWR — $900? Am I expecting mail in platinum envelopes? But then I came across this post on the LiveModern forums by member Hector Perez — he made his own modern mailbox and is accepting orders for $199 apiece. So, so tempting! Unless, of course, IKEA starts making mailboxes… –Mary T.

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Oh how I wish that IKEA made mailboxes.

Whilst a lot of folks over on Apartment Therapy seem to look down on IKEA, I know I’m not the only one who had a “good design” eye with an “only pennies in the piggybank” budget.

I’ve even thought about figuring out a way to make my own mailbox; the one here at Acorn Cottage is just so wrong, though in a bit better shape than it sounds like yours is


An eBay seplace for “modern mailbox” brought up a bunch of interesting options, ranging from $75 to $175. I won’t post any links here, but you should definitely check it out!

Megan B

Where we live our mail is on the other side of the street (rural style), and we have mail theft issues in this area, so this is the mailbox we bought the oasis jr- it’s not bad looking. .
We’ve got the black- from home depot actually- and we’re going to paint our house numbers in a cool font.

Tiffany S.

The Olympia Farmer’s Market had a metalsmith who had great house numbers. I wish I’d taken photos. Worth a trip down there in any case.


I have been wanting this one for awhile now. I think Mighty Goods featured it at one time.

I spent ages looking for my dream mailbox, and finally decided to get a Bobi. It was expensive, but I love it, and it makes me happy to get my mail every day, even if it’s just bills!

I got a surprisingly good, plain, modern mailbox from Target for $40. It’s a large rectangle with a plain top: that’s all there is to it.

. . . looks good.

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