five things we learned last week

1) Lots of you don’t have cable. It came as a surprise that most of the commenters on the Do you have cable tv? post said no, you don’t. Erniebufflo says that, after cutting out cable: “I’m more content because I don’t want as much STUFF because I’m exposed to a lot less advertising.” Several expressed an idea that we could get behind — if we could just pick and choose one or two channels to buy, instead of a huge package of channels we don’t need, we would. Are you listening, cable companies?

2) Turtle bread exists in miniature, too! Uyek mystified us with her comment on Katie’s turtle bread, saying: “My first thought was ‘Re-Ment!'” Our first thought was, “What the heck is that?” Turns out that Re-Ment is the name for collectible miniature items that doll enthusiasts (such as Blythe collectors) purchase for their tableau. One of the Re-Ment sets, “Let’s Cooking,” features a tiny turtle bread. Uyek was so kind as to link to our post and provide photos of both here!

3) If you’re keeping chickens, keep a (fenced) roof over their heads. Alison says: “I lost a hen (from my open ‘roof’ fenced chicken run) to a young teenage raccoon thug a few weeks ago, and a ‘varmint’ proof enclosure would be pretty helpful.” She suggests a large-size dog run with a chain-link top. Visit with the city chickens here.

4) There are affordable modern mailboxes if you know where to look. Jo got a simple modern mailbox from Target for just $40, while Kristyn says: “I have been wanting this one for awhile now.” It’s red, great looking, low-profile, and only $58! Thanks, Kristyn!

5) For mini plush, $5 is the price to beat. Rebecca likes the idea of the Etsy PlushTeam’s $5 Mini Plush Mondays, saying: “Cute and a great priced item for a gift!” Find out how to buy mini plush for just $5 every Monday in June right here.

Photo by Patrick Wormsley

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