two ways to grow tomatoes upside down

Recently, my friend was raving about this tomato planter he purchased, the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. It’s basically a hanging planter with a hole at the bottom, so the tomatoes grow upside down, eliminating the need for stakes and weeding. I think it’s pretty groovy, but I can’t say that I am a fan of the look — and I wanted to keep my tomatoes growing on the cheap. Googling around a bit, I ran across instructions for this cool little family craft project where you can make your own version. I’m not sure which I’ll end up doing, but my tomatoes are definitely growing upside down this year! –Megan B.

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While upside down potatoes are neat, I always think those ugly buckets are hideous. I certainly don’t want one of those hanging on my front porch. I saw from another blog I can’t remember now a different way to plant tomatoes upside down and it looks GREAT. They use some sort of basket. The plus side is you can plant things like herbs on the top of the dirt.

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Megan B

Thanks for that instructables link! The baskets are more attractive, but I think the tomatoes are supposed to fare better in plastic- something about a greenhouse effect on the roots.

My topsy turvy has 3 lttle toms on it….but is not getting bigger!!!!

what the heck?


i’ve been using the spiral stand to help grow my tomatoes and it’s been working great. i highly recommend it.


Kinda hating the topsy turvy. Spent the $20 because it said it would last more than one year. Doubting that. And when I add water, it pours out the bottom seams and splashes everywhere. Had the plant in since May 15 and no blossoms or tomatoes. Have used the basil I planted in the upper ports, so that is at least good. Next year I go back to pots, unless it starts doing better.


Tomatoes take time! Usually 60 to 75 days. Planting them May 15th and expecting tomatoes June 15th is totally unrealistic. You should just now be starting to get blooms.

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So after growing tomatoes upside down, do you think it is a better technique than growing traditionally? Does it help to keep thew foliage dry?


I just read a very funny blog about growing tomatoes on a balcony in Fl. I think you’d like it.