oh no! my ikea kulla lamp is possessed


A couple of years ago, we (and many other blogs) gushed about this lovely KULLA lamp from IKEA. It was brand new, available in a gorgeous blood red, and had this nifty “touch” on-off switch that even a cat could operate. We bought one for our cottage bedroom and have loved it and its three light levels — our habit was to leave it on the dimmest one when we put our daughter in her crib, then shut it off completely when we slinked into our bed hours later. Well, it seems to have lost its mind. It started turning itself on and off and cycling through its degrees of brightness all on its own. Constantly, never stopping. No amount of touching or banging or pleading would get it to stop. Chad took it apart to see if we could easily rewire, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. The entire thing is constructed around this “touch” mechanism. I’m so sad! Is there no way to save this lovely bedside companion? Has anyone else had similar experiences? — Angela M.

From our partners

Dammit! Just bought one of these. Wish I’d read this first.


I made my first post here on April 14th 2010. Since then, I have dismantled my Kulla floor lamp and recently, my table lamp. Thankfully, I have it on my blog here for your reference:


The Kulla lamp is a nice lamp with good quality finish. It is a shame to throw it away just because of the dimmer switch. I hope you would find my blog useful and extend the life of your Kulla.

Thank you.