notebook lust: patent leather moleskines

I have notepads and Post-Its and journals all over my apartment. I don’t keep a diary, but I love the look of a leather-bound book. More often than not, their pages are filled with to-do lists and mindless doodles. Like so many people I know, I’ve fallen hard for the moleskine line of journals. With a variety of sizes to choose from and a sleek and sophisticated look, it’s hard to not find a reason for purchasing one (or three). I’m perfectly happy with my standard black leather moleskine, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after these funkier patent leather planners. I’m currently on the hunt for a simple ruled journal in that amazing laquered red. Let me know if you find it! — Erica P.

Image via CoolHunting

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I share your love for notebooks! But before you start looking for that lacquered red, you should know that Moleskines don’t come in patent leather, in fact, the covers aren’t made of leather at all. Just thought you should know, don’t buy anything false online :)