ebay find: couroc of monterey

I’ve already written of my love of vintage Pyrex, and now I’m going to share another one of my collection obsessions: Couroc of Monterey. Started in 1948 in Monterey, CA, Couroc made its phenolic resin trays, bowls, and serving ware well into the 1990s, leaving a long legacy of fabulous collectibles — shiny black resin embedded with colorful images of cypress trees, sea otters, and monarch butterflies. Growing up in Monterey myself, I recall going to the Couroc factory outlet to purchase hostess gifts with my mother (whose own serving collection was fortified with Couroc pieces). Earlier pieces feature mushrooms, owls, and many other kitschy delights, such as this funky bear and bull tray on eBay. Bidding ends June 18 — current price is just $9.99. Find a ton more by seplaceing eBay, or just enjoy browsing through photos on the Couroc Flickr page. –Megan B.

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I love Couroc! I just found the bull and bear plate in a thrift store last year for pennies on the dollar.
I put it aside to send my friend in Philly- he unwittingly started his own collection- and I just HAD to contribute to it… Since I am bad about going to the post office, It was a few months later and I was in another thrift (go figger) and I found the matching Bull/Bear Couroc glassware! I was unawares that Couroc even did coordinating glassware!

I even did a small mention when I guest blogged ebay finds for Leah at More Ways to Waste Time…


I love Couroc too! It is just my bad luck that every time I find one it is badly damaged. But I live in hope…

sneh_lienka wears underwear

Congratulations, Om.


I recently purchased a Couroc of Monterey tray with an antique car inlay (Hispano Suiza). I haven’t found any information or pictures of another.
I would appreciate any information on quantity made or perhaps rarity, if any, of this tray.

I just found a couroc utility dish/ash tray with an owl inlay. I’d never seen nor heard of this product until spotting this piece in a shop and just liked it. :) Very cool to see the different designs out there!

I just located 3 trays with antique cars as well. one is yellow, one is blue and the other is red. They are approx 7″ x 6″. By any chance does that sound like the one you found? If so has anyone provided any information. I am totally stumped! Thanks, Jennifer

T Walton

I too lived in Monterey for many years and love Couroc. I’ve been trying to find a Couroc tray with the word “COFFEE” inlaid. Saw one on eBay and it got away before I could bid.


I found my first couroc tray at a thrift store, its in really awesome shape. It has 2 egyptian figures made of different wood and metal, and each corner has egyptian symbols, one is all metal, one with metal and wood, the other two are just wood. If any one knows when it was made on it please let me know.


I have a couroc tray with a GM truck hauler on it along with a boat anchor on the tray. Does anyone know anything about it?