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I need some of these CableDrop cable clips from Bluelounge. I thread all the cords for my computer through the small space between the back of my desk and the wall, which takes all my patience and a bit of contortionist skill. Inevitably, every time I take my computer to the couch, the unplugged cords practically dive back down into the space behind my desk. I would happily stick a couple of these to the desktop (they come in packages of six for just $9.95) to hold my cords and save me this frustration. Has anyone used these, or any other similar product? Is there a quick-fix DIY version someone can suggest? –Erica P.

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I use these:

Not as good looking, but they aren’t permanent, so when I decide to move everything I’m not stuck (no pun intended).

They come in a couple of different configurations (packages of just small, just big, and a combo of big and small) at most major chain stores.


My quick-fix DIY version involves those black binder clips. I found one that was large enough not to fall into the hole, but small enough to securely hold all of my cables (so they wouldn’t fall through the binder clip hole!) You just clip them around your cables (don’t clip the cables themselves, just pull your cables into a single packet and clip around them, so they’re in the hole in the middle).

Viola! It’s not pretty, but it’s easy and (almost) free!

I need these so bad! My cords are all tangled up and this would help so much.


i just use those paper binder clips..

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