make your own solar panels? really?

I’ve been spending some time on Twitter lately, and I’ve noticed more and more Twitterers with “eco” in their names who are doing a hard-sell on “DIY” solar energy. (I’m not going to link to them as all the sites I’ve seen are potentially spam-y.) It got me curious, so I did a little poking around. At Re-Nest, I read about Sungevity, a Berkeley-based site designed to make it easier to equip your home with traditional solar panels. And TreeHugger has a story on someone who made his own solar panels with damaged panels purchased on eBay. But aside from the super-salesy sites, I haven’t found much on build-it-yourself solar panels. So I’m throwing it to you — what do you know about this, and where can we find out more? –Mary T.

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Photo via Re-Nest by Hardy Wilson, San Fransisco Chronicle

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