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I’ve recover some with fun paper and modge podge to make new vases.

They’re handy for shaking up homemade salad dressings and marinades — less likely to leak than plastic containers.
I’ve also designed table arrangements using different sizes of glass jars overflowing with mardi gras beads.
I would imagine that a collection of sizes would be neat for making lots of different circle-shaped cookies. People use drinking glasses to the same effect, but jars have a wider variety of mouth circumferences. Plus, how cute would it be to bake up a batch of cookies stamped out the circumference of a jar mouth, so that the cookies would then stack up into the jar for gift-giving? (You’d have to chose a firm dough that didn’t expand much when baking, though.)

I use them for food/leftovers storage instead of plastic containers. We also used them in our centerpieces for our wedding along with recycled glass bottles.