neat and cheap: bottle as automatic plant waterer

I like plants in containers; I just hate watering them. But instead of spending money on an Aqua Globe (As seen on TV!) I followed a friend’s lead and got out some cobalt blue bottles I’ve been saving (I swear someday I’ll add the bottle tree to my list of yard projects, I swear), filled them with water, inverted them in the soil, and voila — free, instant automatic waterers. The blue glass makes them look cute, too, at least as far as I’m concerned. More reviews of automatic watering devices at AT. –Mary T.

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No way, this is fantastic. Something I already have to use for something I’ve been tempted to buy so often? genius.

I agree! Handy and a good use of recycling.

Cool! Looks prettier than the ones made of plastic soda bottles. Does it work pretty well for any kind of potted plant?

Mary T

I know — my friend Dorian had these in her tomato plants and it was a serious, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. They seem to be working great. The one in the photo is a huge SKYY bottle, and that seems the way to go for a big pot. I have two slightly smaller bottles that were maybe 1-liters, and those are going to need to be refilled soon. Even though I didn’t put on a lid or anything to slow, it seems the plants are just sucking out what they need, which is cool. I would say if you had a smaller potted plant, a smaller bottle! Not sure I’d do this with a plant that could go long periods without water, like a succulent. Maybe someone else can answer that.

I wonder if a wine bottle would work too? I have some of those laying around!

Mary T

Ha, jamie — that’s what my friend is using!


Pelligrino bottles are green like plants. :-)

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How do you do this? Just fill & turn upside down in the plant?


I used my wine bottles it looks uber cool and my kids think it cool to check it to make sure there is enough water


What a great idea. You don’t need any sort of lid on this?