five things we learned last week

1) Radios are conversation pieces. Martha says: “I have an old Panasonic radio that was my grandmother’s displayed on the end of a long bookshelf near the entry of my apartment. It’s one of the first things people comment on when they come in. You have a real radio?!? is often a question.” See Erica’s “collection of one” here.

2) You’re fans of recycling bottles for automatic watering. Ellie says: “No way, this is fantastic. Something I already have to use for something I’ve been tempted to buy so often? genius.” Click here for this easy watering solution.

3) What are speengies? Something you want!
Bridget says: “I’ve never heard of these, but now I WANT ONE….no, I want EIGHT!” See what she’s drooling over here.

4) Building a shed? Add a rain barrel. Sarah says: “My Dad just finished building a larger shed using partially reclaimed materials. He found some gutters and downspouts and added them to one side to drain into a rain barrel. The rain barrel he made from a 39-gallon garbage can and a $2 spigot kit. He’s a retired carpenter so that helps, but can’t wait to see the results for myself. Or to get him to make a rain barrel for our shed.” Click for our reader’s inspiring reclaimed shed.

5) You don’t agree with This Old House’s choice of best old-house neighborhoods. Yolanda says: “TOH needs to expand its seplace. Yes, Temescal is nice (and many more neighborhoods in Oakland are awesome!) but to overlook 75% of Alameda? Victorian and Craftsman Heaven, right across the Estuary!” See more suggestions here.

NOTE: We’ll announce the winner of the DustBuster contest on Tuesday.

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And I DO still want eight! ;)