a garden for your desk: the tulip usb hub

My boyfriend and I share a computer desk. We’ve hooked up both computers, an external hard drive, a printer, an external disk drive and a set of speakers. I’m dealing with the cord situation, but constantly switching out my usb plugs is an annoyance I’d love to avoid. With Fred Flare’s USB tulip hub I could do that with added style! Each bright red flower is a high speed USB port that connects to the computer through one common USB cable. Pick one up here for $22. — Erica P.

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wouldn’t the tulips look horribly messy once you’ve actually got stuff plugged into them, though>

I’ve been seeing this pop up all over design blogs lately, and I always feel obligated to warn people not to buy it despite its cuteness! The packaging doesn’t tell you much, but this device is not high speed. It’s USB 1.0 and is not Vista compatible. Don’t waste your money.

love it! thanks!

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Just wanted to remark on Chez Shoes’ comment. I ordered my tulip hub before reading her remark, and got worried, but it arrived yesterday and the packaging does indeed say that it is USB 2.0, although there’s a note that it is “not intended for use with high-powered USB devices.”

Anyway, I’m giving it a try. it’s very cute — but I worry it’s small, and is going to topple over repeatedly with the weight of the cords coming into it.

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