too hot in the kitchen? cook your rice on the grill!

We’ve been experiencing some hotter-than-normal temperatures lately here in the Pacific Northwest, which makes cooking indoors an absolute don’t. So when I was prepping some tofu steaks for the grill the other night and started measuring out my brown rice (I love the Cook’s Illustrated Oven-Baked Brown Rice Method) I thought maybe, since I was already heating the grill, I’d just try the oven method on the BBQ. And it worked! I followed the recipe’s exact proportions, but I used a heavy-lidded, iron Dutch oven instead of glass. I placed it on the grill over low, indirect heat. 45 minutes later, I had perfect brown rice and a cool house. Cooking over the charcoal even lent a faint smokiness to the rice that was quite tasty! –Megan B.

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I’d never thought of cooking a “regular” dish on the grill. Were you worried about your cookware suffering from being used on the grill?

I’d love to see a roundup of no-cook recipes. Today’s pretty nice, but it has been too hot to be outdoors long enough to grill lately, and turning on the oven is completely out of the question!

Brilliant idea!

PS And how funny, this week I experimented with a “hot weather” recipe for brown rice too. Look for it in a post in a week or so!

Megan B.

Daffodil- I used an old enameled cast iron piece I inherited, but any cast iron cookware is just fine on the grill-even a skillet would work. Just cover the top tightly with foil (one layer with heavy duty, 2 layers otherwise).