too hot in the kitchen? cook your rice on the grill!

We’ve been experiencing some hotter-than-normal temperatures lately here in the Pacific Northwest, which makes cooking indoors an absolute don’t. So when I was prepping some tofu steaks for the grill the other night and started measuring out my brown rice (I love the Cook’s Illustrated Oven-Baked Brown Rice Method) I thought maybe, since I was already heating the grill, I’d just try the oven method on the BBQ. And it worked! I followed the recipe’s exact proportions, but I used a heavy-lidded, iron Dutch oven instead of glass. I placed it on the grill over low, indirect heat. 45 minutes later, I had perfect brown rice and a cool house. Cooking over the charcoal even lent a faint smokiness to the rice that was quite tasty! –Megan B.

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