post off: what’s your favorite july 4th memory?

Here’s mine: Picture a traditional Fourth of July picnic complete with hot dogs, beer, and baseball. Now change the hot dogs to some kind of veggie dogs that are a very strange shade of orange, substitute a cricket bat for the baseball bat, and locate the whole thing in the yard of an ancient castle in County Clare, Ireland. That’s where I spent Fourth of July in 1999, along with my sister, a friend who was going to school in Ireland, and an assortment of displaced Americans and amused students from other countries. It was great fun, and made me appreciate even more the unique love that we all hold for our own countries. Have a favorite memory yourself? Please share. Let us know what you’re doing this year, too! (Lucky us — we get to watch some fireworks along with Paola!) –Mary T.

Photo by Kathryn McCallum

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Katie D.

i live in chicago now, but lived in boston through several fourth of julys. there’s so much history there since it is the actual birthplace of the revolution, the whole town goes wild with parades, amazing parties, and costumed reenactments. favorite part: the reading of the declartion of independence from the balcony of old town hall to the citizens below- just like it happened in 1776!

Megan B.

My favorite Fourth of July memory was back in 2004- when my now husband and I were first dating. We lived in Southern California then, and had walked the mere block to the beach to watch the fireworks over the water. It was magical– fireworks, handholding, butterflies…It was unforgettable.

My favorite Fourth of July was spent at a wedding in Sonoma County about 10 years ago. The afternoon ceremony & celebration was held at a beautiful home tucked into soft rolling hills. The bride and groom unofficially named the day “Co-Dependence Day”. After many hours of fun and fantastic food, we were all hustled into our cars to caravan down to the Sonoma town square. There in our wedding finery, we all laid down on blankets in an open field and watched the small town fireworks display over our heads. It was absolutely magical!

Bike parades down my street as a kid. All the kids would decorate their bikes red, white and blue and then we ride around. So fun!


Watching the Space Shuttle Discovery launch in Florida in 2006. It launched around mid-day. My husband and I had never seen a shuttle launch at it was really emotional for us. Like a dream come true. We then drove back to Miami and decided to go to a drive-in at the last minute to see Superman Returns. People were shooting fireworks off around the drive-in the whole night while the movie was on the screen.