a possible solution to my cat-on-couch dilemma

Remember my quest for leather sofa help a few months back? Well, our old girl the kitty is still hanging in there, and so is our sofa, though recently things have gotten a bit more problematic. Our second cat has decided it’s just not fair that Griffin has made the couch her domain, so he’s tried once or twice to make it into his litter box. Sigh! I am not kidding when I tell you that I am ready to staple together a couple of plastic shower curtains as a cover and call it a day, but this new Pet Couch Cover from Sure Fit has me intrigued. It’s available online beginning July 10 and will be in Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target in the fall. Our friends at Sure Fit tell me that the fabric is washable, like every Sure Fit cover, is backed to stand up fairly well to moisture, and because it’s quilted and made to handle pets, it looks like it could keep the claw marks on the leather to a minimum while not looking completely terrible on our sofa. The price is right, too — Just $30 for a regular size and $50 for a larger size. Thanks for the tip, Sure Fit! –Mary T.

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It might work, but if your cats are anything like mine, they are sure to go for the uncovered bits, or perhaps dig and paw at the cover to dislodge it.

And I suppose it doesn’t look completely terrible, but it really doesn’t look very attractive either. Hopefully SureFit makes one in a color that will correspond with your couch, so it won’t stand out to the eye as much as the one in the photo above.

Don’t hate the messenger!

Mary T

PIcture it on a modern couch with clean lines — looks a lot better than shower curtains methinks! : D

I think the cover is a good idea! You can always put it away when company comes over.

Also, I haven’t tried this product but have heard it really works: http://www.stickypaws.com/