check these out: crocheted lawn chairs!

I recently inherited a bunch of fabulous stuff from a friend’s mother who was moving out of her home. Pyrex bowls, clothes, and sewing patterns, yes, but the greatest find were these two crocheted lawn chairs. I have never in my life seen anything like them — it’s nylon yarn woven over an aluminum frame — which is why I grabbed them. When I got them home, I was even more delighted to realize that the chairs don’t have just an abstract pattern, but are representations of a squirrel and deer. They are the perfect summer chairs! Has anyone out there seen anything like these? Were they homemade? I just may have to learn how it’s done so I can make myself some more! –Megan B.

Update: See kourtney’s link in comments — looks like they’re macrame!

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That style of chair most commonly had wide nylon webbing woven seats and backs, which eventually wore out. Years ago you could get the same wide webbing to repair the chairs, but this pair someone obviously did something more creative with.
The seat and back patterns look woven, rather than crocheted. I vaguely remember seeing this kind of project in some DIY magazines at least 30 years ago, but I surely cannot remember which one… It would probably not be too difficult to do something similar.


ooh, my grandparents have a few of these that have a trailer and read, “home is where we park it.” I’m guessing they got them somewhere in the retirement community where they spend the winters in Texas :)

Here’s what came up in google:

Mary T

kourtney, your mission is to steal me those lawn chairs from your grandparents.

My grandparents had several pairs of these chairs that they had macrame’d (sp?) Wish I had them now!

Megan B.

Can I just say that our readers are the best?! Thanks for all of the helpful information! Now I need to macrame myself some more. Macrame. I like that word a lot.

This store has macrame patterns for lawn chairs:

BTW- I think the patterns on your chairs are actually “Moose and Squirrel” from the 60’s Rocky and Bullwinkle animation show.


I would Mary but my grandpa is seriously the cutest little old dude that ever was so I couldn’t bear to steal his chair.

I think life would be complete if I had one of those with a squirrel…


Here in Chicago, we see these at tailgates with Bears or White Sox designs in team colors. Very enjoyable!

Megan B.

Actually, Annika, thanks to your link, I found the pattern for the squirrel and fawn chairs I have.

I am learning to macrame now. For serious.

Bev Bourne

I have a friend who used to make those chairs. They were macrame. She made a pair for me and wove our last name into them. I still have them, but one of the frames is broken. The macrame is still intact, thought.

Lisa Perez

I had a book back in the 80’s with several patterns for these chairs. I made a few but have since lost the books. I was seplaceing for some when I came across this site. The patterns were woven using a large crochet hook and macrame cord. Hopefully I’ll find somewhere to purchase some books or patterns.

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Linda Clise

My friend had a chair for 20 years and it just broke. I have no talent to macrame him a new one. Can any body out there make one for me with DAVE written on it in red/whire/blue material? It was just done with what looked like an aluminum chair frame. PLEASE respond so the untalented can do something very special for a dear friend!!!

Stephanie Ayers

I know how wonderful these chairs are! My grandmother made them when i was a kid. She lived in Texas and Arizona and would set up a roadside stand and sell her work. She taught me how to do it, its just a thicker form of nylon yarn, and simple grid crochet patterns. My grandma would incorporate silver conchos into her southwestern themed pieces…i know how to do tons of animals, pottery designs, arrowheads, unicorns, cactus…..etc. my favorites were the ones she did with native american women. I would always be two women, heads and faces covered with a shawl facing each other holding something. like a pot or thunderbird, or an owl. beautiful. I took her original designs and updated them for the times,,,instead of the old aluminum folding chairs, I now use the fold up camp chairs, i just strip them of fabric and use the frames. Word of warning, keep them out of the sun, it will rot the fabric,to wash them,make a light solution of dawn dish soap, and baking soda, sponge it on, let it sit for a few, them rinse with a hose and let dry in the shade on the porch.


They are woven macrama. patterns can be found on line:

and many other places. their is one site that actually shows how to make them

Charlene Nawrocki

Help I’m trying to make two macrame lawn chairs and I’m stuck. I just cannot figure out how to start. I’m trying to follow the directions online and I am stuck! I don’t want anything fancy I just thought I would do a basket weave.


My grandfather used to make these chairs and sell them at a local flea market. Now I am 35, a veteran and a cop……and I knit chairs with macrame cord. It’s a fun hobby that, last year, funded my family vacation. Those chair with the deer and squirrel are priceless!


My husband has macramed several folding lawn chairs and several straight back chairs. We’re going to the flea market to try and make some extra money but unsure how to price them? Any ideas? Please help!!!! PS nothing fancy just the checker board patern but nice!


How do we price these beautiful pieces of art? checker board Lawn chairs and straight back chairs? Going to the flea market this weekend! HELP

Harvard Lapine

It is moments like this that I feel REALLY old. These types of chairs were common in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Before the moulded plastic chairs became de rigueur, everyone had aluminum framed lawn chairs with nylon webbing. The webbing usually wore out before the frames, so you recovered them with macrame.


Here is a GREAT link for instructions. I made one yesterday following these and see many more in my future. I just need to find more frames, I only have 4.

Fred Bancroft

I make these chairs (400 so far in the last 25 years) and I use original designs that I make on the AutoCAD computer program. I only now make chairs with circular designs. If I can figure out how to get pictures posted to this site I will do it. If you are interested you could email me and then I am sure that I could let you have any design that I have. I don’t sell the chairs – I give them away. I just made one for Tiger Woods and my problem now is to figure how to get it to him. [email protected]

Fred Bancroft

I would like to post some pictures of the circular patterns that I make. Someone please tell me how to do it.