post off: what’s your daily ritual?

I ran across the blog Daily Routines via Boing Boing recently and was instantly rapt reading the detailed accounts of the days of many a famous artist, writer, and even President Obama (who exercises at 6:45 a.m. every day). They can allow an intimate glimpse into the lives of some really interesting folks. Some people, like Winston Churchill, had a rigorous daily schedule that never varied. Others are a bit more loose, like author TC Boyle, who starts his day “with the L.A. times and the Santa Barbara News Press.” The “rituals” are even subcategorized by habits like drinking and procrastination. I may not be as rigidly planned as some, but I just can’t start my day off without a freshly pulled latte and at least ten minutes in front of the computer. All this talk of ritual begs the question — what’s yours? –Megan B.

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Mary T

the dogs make me get up, i let them out, i start my coffee, i feed the dogs, i grab my coffee, and then i check all my websites — like this one! during the summer i do some of this outside, which is better.

I wake up, lie in bed for a while, check my e-mail via phone, drag myself up, take my handful of pills, put on the coffee, feed the cats, drink my coffee in front of the computer, make sure the world didn’t end, shower et cetera, dress, give the cats instructions for the day, and head out to face the world.

My alarm goes off at 7:00.
I press snooze.
It goes off again at 7:09.
I press snooze.
Yet again it nags me at 7:18.
I turn it off and turn my TV on with the previous night’s Daily show. I lie in bed waking up listening to Jon Stewart and chuckling into my pillow.
I get out of bed around 7:25, Pad into the bathroom, brush the chompers, wash the face, deodorant, Pony tail holder…as I try not to look attractive for work at the construction office.
I then get dressed and usually make it to the Kitchen by about 7:33.
I start my Moka espresso pot on the stove with 4 shots worth of espresso.
I turn on another burner and set my beloved cast iron skillet on the heat with a chunk of virgin coconut oil. I add 3-4 leaves of kale, and some herbs (recently chives). I then beat 3 eggs and when the kale is cooked I pour it into the pan.
I then get a glass of water and drop 3 drops of 1000 I.U. Vitamin D oil in the water. I then take my glucosamine and my probiotics with said water, and go back to my eggs, stirring them.
I pull out a pot and a glass jar, I pour 3/4 of a c. coconut milk in the pot and 1/2 c. in the jar. I heat up the coconut milk on the stove, this is about the time when my espresso starts steaming.
I scrape my eggs onto a plate and stick the pan in the oven (I clean it in the evening when I get home).
I pull out my tub of xylitol and spoon 1.5 Tsp into the jar and 1.5 tsp into the pot of coconut milk, stirring both. I put the lid on the jar and set it aside.
I take a bit or two of eggs.
I pull out some fruit (today cherries and a banana) and prep it for travel.
Another bite of eggs.
I heat my espresso stop sputtering and I take it off the heat and pour it into my travel mug. I then pour in the heated coconut milk, and proceed to wash the pot.
I finish my eggs, and load my dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
I put my fruit and the jar of coconut milk into my purse, put on my shoes, and head out the door.

I usually make it to work about 3 minutes late ;-)

So that is just the morning…

THANK YOU! for the pass few days I have been thinking about my “process”..perfect timing this universe has!

alarm goes off, snooze a few times, get up, shower, contacts in, brush teeth, lotion on face, get dressed, dry hair make up on. carpool to work. i save coffee and breakfast for work. after that everything is up in the air and there’s no real ritual after that.

I wake up when the alarm goes off usually around 6:15-7:00 depending on what I am doing that day. First thing that is absolutely necessary is grabbing my glasses otherwise I will walk into the wall. I find my husband in the kitchen because I have learned to get up “after” him so that my coffee is already brewing! Give him a full 10 second hug (no words) . There is no talking going on because I have just stumbled out of bed and he is not a morning person. Fix coffee- 1tbsp. turbinado and splash of soy milk. Get to remote control and turn on local new splop on the couch call Penny up to sit with me (fat cat)…listen half-heartedly to terrible goings on that have happened while people were sleeping….then the Today Show comes on and I inevitably feel better instantly at the images of NY that flash on the screen (I used to live there)…..get off the couch around 7:30 make my husband and myself lunch to go (feed Rosco- bratty cat some turkey deli meat from the package)…pour today’s breakfast in a bowl (either yogurt with fruit and honey OR Kashi hot cereal with fresh berries) eat that quickly run to bathroom, wash face, brush teeth, put in contacts-or not, lotion up and leave…taking more coffee in mug and lunch….get in car listening to morning edition on NPR and hoping to get to the school where I work on time!

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