bone chillers: an excuse for a party

I received this skull and crossbones ice cube tray for my birthday and I’m crazy about it! Most people (of the non-ridiculous variety) would probably tuck it away until Halloween, but I’ve been trying to find any excuse to make wonderfully sinister ice cubes. So far, I’ve already had a “Pirates of the Caribbean” marathon and started my own secret society. Anyone else have any brilliant party suggestions? –Katie D.

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I love to find fabulous and fun items! I’m a big fan of


I made soap with mine, not just ice.

T Bone

a perfect way to cool off after a hard day of swashbuckling

Mary T

I love the soap idea!


Katie I LOVE the fact that you started a secret socity based on ice cube trays! lol These are extremely cool!


September 19th is “Talk like a pirate day”. Sounds like another party.


Dye the ice cubes red so they “bleed” into the drinks.


jello shot opp!