wow: “new vintage” animal prints by chad otis

I am just loving Chad Otis’ amazing animal prints. Though they look like vintage food and alcohol advertisements, they’re actually new art that Otis creates featuring his favorite dogs. You can view the hounds, terriers, and labs at Otis’ site, Otis New Vintage, where he’ll soon be adding a poll so you can vote on which breed you’d like to see him paint next. Prints of his existing work are available now at Imagekind, starting at about $19, where a portion of profits benefit the ASPCA. I can’t wait to see what he does next. –Mary T.

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These are fabulous! So retro looking, great for framing and your purchase helps out the ASPCA? Sold! I think I want the weiner dog & cheese (what a winning combination!) print.

Katie D.

i LOVE these! does he take requests? i would buy about fifty if there was a pomeranian!

joni jones

how about doing something wonderful picturing a yorkshire terrier?


I just went to and there is a Yorky poster! It’s really cute :) There are other breeds there as well – my favorite is the Boston Terrier.