charming summer diy: hanging jar chandeliers

My mission this summer has been to transform my tiny breadth of a patio into a backyard retreat by any means possible. The most successful element that I’ve added to my urban terrace has been these hanging jar chandeliers. It was an easy project that only took a little bit of time and less than $30.

I collected a handful of jars (some purchased for a dollar or two at thrift stores and some from chips-and-salsa marathons) and wrapped 20 gauge wires snugly around the lip of each jar with needle nose pliers. Then I attached a U-shaped hanging wire around the top of the jar. I straightened out a few paper clips to use to hang the jars. I bought a length of chain from a hardware store and attached it between two posts to hang the jars from. Drop a votive candle inside each jar and, as the sun sets in your backyard, enjoy the romantic glow. –Katie D.

From our partners

These are so lovely! It reminds me of when I was little and we’d collect lightning bugs in jars. This is a much better option!

Megan B.

Love this. Now my husband can stop complaining about my jar collection!

Thank you for that great post. Good idea.

It was excellent.They look so good and your back yard is illuminated with bright light. May be we can add up something to the project like using bulbs hanged into the jars instead of using candles each time..


Oh, I totally want to do this!

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These are gorgeous- what a simple and clever idea! I can’t wait to try it out for our next cookout! -e

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