update: fab results from a color-helper winner

Remember the Color-Helper contest? We just heard back from one of our winners. You may recall that Carrie J. submitted her jumble of bad bathroom and guest room wallpaper, saying, “We need to repaint, lest our friends quit visiting us.” Well, Carrie put the Color-Helper to work, and her results are great! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Carrie.

Bathroom, before:

Bathroom, after:

Guest room, before:

Guest room, after:

Carrie writes:

Both rooms still have a little room for improvement — we need to hang a shelf above the toilet in the bathroom, and we need some artwork and a bookcase and a chair in the guest room — but they are leaps and bounds better than they used to be! You can see we also had a new vanity made for the bathroom (had to have it made because it is a much narrower space than pre-made cabinetry accommodates) — that alone was a huge improvement.

I used the Color-Helper to help me select a shade of white that matched the existing white trim we had in most of our upstairs (except for the bathroom). Not only did we use it to touch up trim in the guest room, we also used that color to paint out the wooden trim in the bathroom. The Color-Helper made it much, much easier to choose one of the thousands of shades of white!

I also used the Color-Helper to help me analyze all the shades of gray I considered. I used the feature where you can compare two shades, and the Color-Helper tells you that the second one is more yellow (or blue or red or purple or whatever) than the first. I wanted a very clean, true gray without beige or purple or yellow undertones, and the Color-Helper really helped me narrow my choices down.

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the Color-Helper here.

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Megan B.

The colors you ended up with are great! Love that gray.