kinda genius: elizabowl

Sarah K. O’Brien designed an amazing bowl that not only looks nifty, it helps keep fruit fresh. We’ll let the New York Times tell the story:

“Her Elizabowl is more honeycomb than basin, its shape-shifting white plastic folds resembling an Elizabethan ruff. The bowl’s petals expand to yield more than a dozen flexible, fist-sized compartments. Each holds one round fruit, keeping it visible and away from the other fruits’ discharge of ethylene gas, which speeds spoilage. When folded, the collar design can cradle one or two grapefruits.”

O’Brien has a patent for the Elizabowl, which won the 2008 International Home Housewares Student Design Competition. Now she’s competing for a James Dyson Award, and you can vote in the competition here. Here’s to seeing the Elizabowl in stores sooner rather than later!

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