i tried flushable dog poo bags


Am I obsessed with dog poo? You might think so, but the truth is, when you have two mastiffs who weigh as much as the average human, you spend a lot of time cleaning up the output. That’s why I was so excited to find Fido’s Flushables at a street fair over the weekend. I bought a starter set of 25 bags for $6.95 after founder Tracey Fleisher assured me that they’ve been tested even with very large dogs. The Fido’s Flushables bag feels a bit like plastic, but they’re not made from plastic or even the same material as a non-flushable biodegradable bag. Fido’s Flushables are made of Poly Vinyl Alcohol, a water-soluble material that breaks down quickly and completely and is even safe for septic.

Unfortunately, my first try with flushing a loaded bag wasn’t exactly stellar. I followed directions as advised and only used one deposit, but it still proved to be a bit much. It didn’t clog up, but it didn’t go down, either. Only after letting the bag, er, dissolve a bit did everything flush away. My second try worked like a charm — tossed it in, flushed, and it was gone forever! I think the key with big dogs is that you have to be sure it’s not too wide of a load. (Are you loving my euphemisms here?) For regular-size or small dogs, I don’t think you’ll have a problem at all. Here’s what Fleisher had to say:

I did have a customer say that she dumps hers in first out of the bag and then throws the bag in on top of it. She mentioned that the large load (195# Great Pyrenees) had a tough time flushing because it was larger than the drain hole and with human waste, the waste separated while flushing and the bagged dog waste could not do that. This is not my preferred method, but may be necessary. Also, please remember, that for any reason, the bags are 100% Guaranteed! But I would like to see you be able to use them of course.

Regardless, if you want to be able to pick up the poo without having to revisit it every time you open your trash can, I recommend Fido’s Flushables. I should mention that the bags should not be used for cat waste as water treatment facilities aren’t equipped to deal with what that might contain. Learn more here. –Mary T.

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okay this is WAAAAAYYY to much info so I apologize in advance but I have been pondering this of late. I live in Toronto which is in the middle of a 5 week garbage strike and all the city garbage cans have been sealed so there is no where to dump your poo bags on a dog walk. I’ve been having to carry my bags of poo home to throw out there (we’re being told to store our garbage at home for as long as possible and then visit transfer stations which we’ve done once) and wondered if these bags would last the walk home or start breaking down along the way?? We walk for about an hour and my one beagle does his business right at the beginning and the other is a hold out.

Mary T

hi, shana — it will absolutely last. as long as you’re not caught in a torrential downpour, you’ll be just fine. they don’t dissolve until they’re submerged in water. check the FAQ on the fido’s site for more info.

Tiffany S.

I’m glad there’s an alternative solution but now I’m wondering about the additional water usage. I guess there’s always a trade-off.

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to see our information here. I love to educate people to be the most responsible dog owners they can be and encourage anyone to email me with any questions they may have. Our bags are engineered to be able to carry for a long walk, but I have designed a great bag called the Fido Bag to help with that very situation. The Fido Bag is waterproof and washable and discreetly carries your waste until you can safely get it to the nearest toilet or portable unit. Remember, you don’t have to carry it all the way home, any public restroom or portable Sani-hut toilet will do. Thanks again everyone for caring about the epidemic of dog waste and don’t forget to spread the word to your Doggie friends. Together, we can STOP the POO-llution, one Poop at a time…


I use flushable dog poop bags from Flush Doggy. They got the cheapest price per bag


Tiffany –

You do use more water than, say, not flushing them, but the extra water usage makes up for filling up our landfills, using plastic bags that don’t break down, and most importantly, keeping the contaminants out of our groundwater system so that the waste can be properly treated at a wastewater treatment plant.

As living creatures, we will always leave some kind of environmental footprint. You just have to decide what is the lesser of two evils and do what is BETTER for the environment and all its creatures. :)


I’m glad to hear that they worked since I was wondering about that with large dogs.
Tiffany’s definitely got a point with ground water contamination for bio bags and this article talks all about dogs pooping close to waterways and contaminating them. However if it’s in bio bags and put in a landfill or compost facility the earths soil will filter it out since in the end it’s no different from the poop of the billions of other animals on the planet.

I used to use corn based bags from bio bag but recently have been using these biodegradable poop bags since they’re the cheapest I’ve found and there’s free Canadian shipping. They may not be as good environmentally as corn based bags but at a 1/3 the price I’ll take it.

The flushable option definitely is something I’ll have to try out though.


I would like to try Fido’s Flushables, but the owner and any assistance seem to be MIA. I’ve tried a few times to order off of their site and get errors telling me my credit card info is wrong. I’ve tried 3 different credit cards in two different browsers with no luck. Using their contact form in Chrome produced an error saying it could not send the message. Using the contact form in Explorer sent the message, but the form email I got back said “checkout our NEW site greendogworld.com!” Greendogworld.com simply redirects you to fidosflushables.com, where the problems are.

Several months ago when getting these errors on the site, I had no way to contact anyone. I looked up the registration info for the site and contacted the person associated with the site and never heard from anyone.

We’ll see if I hear anything on this latest attempt.


May I know the sizes of the bag, it is hard bag?


Just another great poop bag I wanted to let folks know about that I have been using for a few years. They are made of 100% recycled materials and made in the USA. Not expensive and super strong, that is the best part- nothing like a torn poop bag on your walk home. Anyway, Heaven Scent Pet Waste Bags is my first choice and they are lightly scented as well which helps my garbage can stay fresh. I get them at my local Stop & Shop but I believe they are available online as well. Cheers!!!


Why not just scoop it in bucket and then dump in toilet, easy and free lol