blogwatch: where we were clicking this week

Staying close to home this summer? You’ll want to be comfy yet stylish while you’re there, so here’s a roundup of summery seating at Casa Sugar.

And here’s how that home might save your marriage, at Shelterpop.

If you still plan to get in a summer vacation, this could help: the Frugal Traveler’s Top Ten Travel Gadgets Under $50.

And if you’re going by air, here’s hoping this won’t apply to you: a roundup of the best and worst airports for sleeping by the Huffington Post.

Anyone seen these in their travels? Mysterious glowing clouds in the night sky, at Wired.

Get hungry on road trips? Here’s how to bake cookies in your car (No, really) at Baking Bites.

Pick up some souvenirs? Check out these simple seashell shadowboxes at It’s the little things that make a house a home….

And here’s another idea on organizing souvenirs as you collect them at Apartment Therapy.

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