have you used the fur fighter?

If I have one true love in this world, it’s Pomeranians — black, white, orange, yappy, quiet, skinny, or a tad overstuffed, I coo at all of them. Best of luck trying to walk your pet Pomeranian down the same sidewalk as me! I’ve been reluctant to commit to adopting my very own for a number of reasons, one of which is the fur issue — their long, lush coats shed and shed often. That’s why I’m so interested in the Fur Fighter Hair Remover. According to manufacturer Scotch, the Fur Fighter removes embedded pet fur that sneaks past the vacuum. There’s a version for upholstery and one for car interiors, both with money-back guarantees. Scotch is so sure they’ve created a miracle product, they’re offering a starter kit (worth $5.99) for the cost of shipping and handling alone.

So, how about it: Have you shaken paws with the Fur Fighter? Is it heaven-sent for humans or just another pet-related gimmick? –Katie D.

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Awesome! I immediately went on and paid $2.50 for my shipping and am so excited to try it, FOR FREE!


I got it too! I’ve been interested in trying this product for a long time. Thanks for posting this!

T Bone

The perfect gift for anyone with a pet! more time with your pomeranian and less time cleaning up after him. i like them a tad overstuffed myself


I follow my Beagle around with this tool! It really is amazing and does everything it promises!

Dog Lover

If you buy a Dyson Animal, you do not need any other fur remover from rugs or furniture. It is amazing. I only wish I could vacuum my dog with it. :)

lesley c.

i have not used this one but i have used the fabric sweeper for pet hair by pledge and i loooooove love love it. I have a cat that sheds like no tomorrow….a little sweep here on the sofa pillows a little sweep there on the duvet cover and all the hair is gone. I recommened it to my sister who has 3 large med. hair dogs and she loves it as well!! their website offers a 2.00 off coupon so i was able to pick it up and try it out for about 3 dollars.

Hmm, maybe I’ll have to try it now. My only problem is needing refills: P

I’ve tried the sponge looking pet hair remover and it actually works pretty well, but it doesn’t get that “embedded stuff”


My mother had a friend who had trained all of her cats, of all animals, to lie still and be vacuumed with the hose attachment every day.


I’ve used both the Scotch product as well as the sweeper by Pledge, and I like the Pledge sweeper so much better. With the Scotch Fur Fighter, you have to keep getting refills, which is what I was trying to avoid after usually using lint rollers. The Pledge fur sweeper is still working great and you can remove the rollers to empty it.

Yah! I’ve been wanting to try this… $2.50 for S/H, that’s it!! I can’t wait to get it!

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