five things we learned last week


1) The Fur Fighter works. Everyone seems to love the Fur Fighter, including Sarahrae, who says: “I tested one out awhile back and used it (and still do) with great results.” You can see her test on AT here, and learn how you can get a Fur Fighter for the price of shipping here.

2) You’re interested in Doga as a fun, new way to hang out with your dog. Jenna Z says: “Ever since I saw Doga on tv, I have wanted to try it! We have a 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Sully. We compete in lots of different events at shows and I think Doga (along with Freestyle, which we just do for fun) would be a great activity that isn’t competitive so I won’t feel like I have to practice and “work” with him. We can just be free and explore and have FUN!” Enter here for a chance to win the book Barking Buddha: Simple Soul Stretches for Yogi and Dogi.

3) Many of you are resistant to change. MODERnestS says: “There is a comfort in getting what you know and experiencing something you have before. You come to expect it, think about it, look forward to it and when it doesn’t happen that way…it is like something that once was has gone away. Reading this blog is a daily comfort for me. Thank you!” No, thank you! And add your two cents on change here.

4) The Slipper Genie needs to stay in the bottle. Unfortunately, slippers-as-dust mops got bad reviews. Nina says: “I have these and they are a disappointment. To get the floor truly clean you have to walk up close to the walls, into the corners, places you don’t generally go. So you might as well just get the broom out? Or a Roomba? I bet that’s not as wonderful as it looks either.” Click to see the Slipper Genie.

5) You proclaim the peach pudding cake to be amazing.
It’s from the oldies-but-goodies file, but now would be the perfect time to make peach pudding cake. Amy says: “This cake really is amazing. I just had it for the first time a few weeks ago in the restaurant, which is in my neighborhood. I am normally a chocolate person but ordered it out of curiosity, it sounded so delicious. I had to keep the rest of our table from eating my dessert! Then of course I had to make it at home, and seplaceed around till I found this recipe.” See the recipe here.

Photo by Matt Palmer

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