post off: what’s your dream garden?


If I had endless time, money, and an embarrassingly enormous estate instead of a tiny urban apartment, I would have a knot garden. My dream garden would be a glamorous work of art constructed of precise hedges dipping in and out of each other. I’d wander through the gorgeous garden down the elegantly laid paths of crushed oyster shells feeling so-oh-regal. Anyone else have a fantasy garden they daydream about tending to daily? Perhaps a lush rose patch (complete with gazebo), aromatic herb garden, or maybe even a hotdog tree just like in Big Top Pee-wee? –Katie D.

Photo of Sudeley Castle Knot Garden by Flickr user dublintimmy

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Mary T

My dream garden is LUSH — overgrown, wall to wall flowers and shrubs, little paths winding through, secret nooks behind a large camelia, etc. We are working on it! We bought a house where, as I’ve written about, most of the yard was left to weeds and the largest part of the yard bakes in the sun most of the day. Slowly, slowly we’re turning it into my dream garden. : )

Wasn’t there a cool garden in Eddie Scissorhands?

Sad to say, that I do hate manicured lawns and too-trimmed hedges. The idea of a maze to haunt me, but I prefer wild beauty. And of course, a lake to enjoy the setting sun.

I would love to collect all sorts of flowers from all over the world and lose myself in their intoxicating scent.

My dream garden would be overgrown with flowers everywhere and have a little clearing in the middle with a bench where I could sit and enjoy! Oh yeah, no weeds would ever grow in my dream garden!

T Bone

My dream garden would have dinosaur shaped hedges and a fountain in the middle with a huge statue to Ares. Also there would be plenty of ribs served.

Megan B.

My dream garden would be lush – a miasma of fruits and vegetables- with no weeding, pruning, trimming, mulching, anything. And it would grow citrus- in the Pacific Northwest!


My dream garden would be made out of cake. Yum.

This is a good question! I dream about my perfect garden ALL the time. :) For me, it would be a big Japanese-style garden with streams, ponds and wandering paths, and lots of benches throughout. In lieu of that, I’ll take my back yard filled with flowers, veggies, and no gophers.

Wonderful idea. I love it. Many thanks for sharing