getting hungry for donna hay’s baking mixes


Two of the things I love most are great package design and delicious treats. Well, it looks like I’ve scored big with Donna Hay’s product line. I’m usually one to shun baking from a box, but I’d be willing to make an exception to try out the delicious looking cupcake and cookie mixes. I’ve always been in love with Donna Hay cookbooks and I scour the magazine (When I can get my hands on one!) from start to finish. Some liken Donna to an Australian version of Martha Stewart. I think her new(ish) product line, and especially her packaging, will only further spread this opinion. She has a retail store in Australia, but I’m hoping someone will start selling the Donna Hay products stateside. Just looking at the pictures is making me hungry! — Erica P.

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hmmm…I love cupcakes! My personal obsession is Sprinkles in LA.


I made the lemon and coconut cupcakes last weekend and they were so delicious. The packs come with the patty pans/cases in the picture on the box and there were heaps more pans in the box than I needed so I can use them next time I make cupcakes!

Very pretty packaging. I’d have a hard time using them!