give your next bottle in a wine cylinder by roost


I believe that showing up to a dinner party with a bottle of wine in the black plastic bag from the liquor store will be appreciated just as much as showing up with one in a fancy cellophane gift bag. However, I think if you decided to give the bottle inside one of these funky little birchwood cylinders by Roost, it would be appreciated on an entirely different level. There are three different sizes to accommodate the varying bottles used for wine, champagne, and dessert wine. I just love the clean lines and the simplicity of the leather cord closure. Pick one up over at Velocity Art & Design for just $10-$15. –Erica P.

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These are pretty, but honestly? I’d wonder what to do with it once somebody gave it to me. I’d probably feel guilty, but throw it away anyway. I wouldn’t like it if a guest of mine gave me useless packaging.

Mary T

Tasha, I understand, but I’d probably keep it until I had wine to give someone as a gift, then re-use it. : )