loving the new pressed vinyl collection from chilewich

chilewichI’ve been infatuated for quite a few years with the woven and spun vinyl rugs, runner, and placemats made by Chilewich. They’re not only beautifully designed, but highly durable and functional. The only caveat was the prices that some of these woven vinyl placemats and runners were going for. Well, they’ve developed a new pressed vinyl technique — one which, according to them, reinterprets “an outdated manufacturing process that is fast becoming a completely new design language…the pressed vinyl designs are about half the price of the woven designs.” Something we can all get happy about! Find all the pressed vinyl placemats ($7-8) and runners ($28-35) at Burke Decor. –Megan B.

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Always an a look out for durable floor mats. I particularly like the Scratch pattern in Espresso on their site.