keeping cool with mint ice cubes


Thanks to my sudden abundance of mint, I’ve had to come up with a few creative ways to use my new herbs (besides mojitos, I mean). Lately, I’ve been freezing the recently plucked leaves in ice cubes and plopping them into freshly brewed iced tea. To make sure that your mint leaves freeze in the middle of the ice cube rather than the edges, fill your ice cube tray halfway and freeze. Once you have a whole set of half cubes, place a mint leaf underneath the ice and fill the tray with water the rest of the way. The half cube will float to the top, but the mint will be trapped underneath it and remain stuck in the middle to be slowly enjoyed! –Katie D.

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T Bone

delicious and ingenious! a good break from too many mojitos too

Nice idea! I can see doing this with other herbs as well.


T-Bone – too many mojitos? For shame for suggesting such a thing.

Very cool idea! I would love some mint in my iced tea.