post off: do you eat breakfast?


I’m a breakfast eater. I know there are a lot of people out there who skip this mini-meal, but I always partake in morning eats. I go through phases with breakfast foods — right now I’m on a cold cereal kick, but sometime during the winter months I’m sure I’ll swap my cold cereal for hot. I don’t always stick to traditional breakfast fare, either. When my leftovers from dinner are looking good, I’ll serve up a smaller portion for breakfast. On weekends, I’ll indulge in more decadent treats like pancakes, cheese-filled omelets, French toast or the much loved breakfast burrito. While my choices vary greatly, one thing remains constant: I never miss this meal. What about you? –Erica P.

More breakfast goodies for you: onion and goat cheese tart, 10-grain hot cereal with three-berry syrup, perfectly puffy popovers (shown above).

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For a long time I skipped breakfast and for the past few years I had been eating a granola bar around 10 am during the work week, but since we brought home our dear, sweet, darling puppy I’ve been needing a much more substantial kickstart (he gets us up at 6 am).

Now I eat cheese and fruit each morning and I don’t know how I went so long without this breakfast of champions! It took me a good 15 years, but now I don’t see how I’ll ever skip breakfast. I need it!

Breakfast is a must and a sit down affair at least one day of the weekend a ritual in my home – I have been loving this pancake recipe lately – – I love adding fresh berries…sigh


Although I get up at 6 am every morn, I skip breakfast. I have since I was a teen. I am just not very hungry in the a.m. It is much heathier to eat a nice breakfast every morning, though!

Breakfast is definitely a must in my house. While we keep dry cereal on hand for emergencies, I much prefer baked goods. Sometimes that means a quick run to the local bagel store to pick up a dozen (that will last my husband and I all week), but more often than not, I’ll whip up a batch of muffins or coffee cake or pancakes or scones. We’ve been loving yeasted pancakes lately – a little extra work since you have to set the up the night before, but so worth it! Every once in a long while we’ll do omelets or fritatta, but really, I could be perfectly happy eating nothing but home-baked goodies for breakfast for the rest of my life.


In the kitchen at work, I always keep a tub of Greek yogurt and a bottle of honey. During the summer, I add blueberries to that.

It’s an incredibly healthy and fulfilling breakfast. Because Greek yogurt has a lot of fat it keeps me full until lunch. Although I am lactose intolerant, my stomach can handle yogurt (real yogurt, not Yoplait). So I also get my morning does of calcium.


We always have breakfast at my house too! I’d be one grumpy girl if I didn’t. We have Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Skillets and sometimes we add eggs and sometimes we don’t. It’s super quick and yummy! Two bags last me and my boyfriend the entire week.


I’m a breakfast eater, most days, at least. During the week, I generally eat cold cereal (I like a good honey and oat granola), but sometimes I’ll mix it up with muffins or an egg souffle. I also like to splurge on the weekends and get an almond croissant from the bakery down the street.


Breakfast is a MUST for me. I am currently on an oatmeal kick. Mixed in with raisins is awesome. I also really like plain yogurt and granola or cereal. It is super easy, fast and you get what you need as far as carbs and proteins right away in the day.

Definitely a must for me as well – otherwise my coworkers will hear my tummy rumbling from across the room!
Right now my kick is 2 weetabix biscuits (you can usually find them in the organic aisle), one cup of milk and a healthy drizzle of local honey.
In the winter, I LOVE having oatmeal with raisins.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Usually its just fruit, high fiber cereal (I still miss eating frosted sugar bomb cereal), and coffee. Sometimes Nutella on toast for variety sake. On the weekends I like to go to one of the few places in town that has bagels and get one of their breakfast sandwiches. Mmm!

That picture looks yummy. Just had a vanilla cream puff last night…

Breakfast is my favorite meal! My ultimate breakfast is a combination of sweet, salty and a little sour. For example chocolate chip sweet pancakes, salty eggs and bacon, hash browns with sour-ish ketchup and refreshing orange juice. I usually need a weekend morning to pull all this off.

Week days have been all about sour dough toast with berry or plum jam and a glass of milk. :)

I used to NEVER eat breakfast. But after I got pregnant, I started waking up hungry. Now Baby is a year old, and I still wake up hungry… so I always eat breakfast.

A standard healthy breakfast for me is scrambled egg whites & spinach on a whole wheat english muffin.

Weekend breakfast meals are much more indulgent, and may include fried eggs, toast with butter, hash browns or home fries, and/or pancakes. On those days, we usually dine out for breakfast.


During the week, the Thomas hearty or heatlhy? grain light muffins with a little peanut butter and three cups of coffee! Weekend hubbie will usually do a special breakfast for the family. Either way, never skip it anymore!

Breakfast is an absolute MUST. I’d die of hunger by 10am if I didn’t eat it! I’m always eating something different, but it’s mostly breakfast-y foods. I just can’t be satisfied eating a burger or leftover stir fry for breakfast. Ok, I’m off to eat breakfast now! :o)

Every single day. Like you, I never miss the meal. It’s my favorite, favorite. I wake up and instantly start thinking about what I’m going to have that morning. Today it was organic honey nut clusters cereal. Yesterday, scrambled eggs and toasted spelt. And sometimes I’ll have pancakes for dinner as a treat.


I generally eat something for breakfast, but nothing much. The usual suspects include:

Boiled eggs
Wheat toast
Dinner rolls (weird but I love them)
String cheese
Cottage cheese
Cold mac and cheese
Brown rice cakes with pepper and peanut butter


I absolutely must have breakfast within 20 minutes of waking up or I get a world class stomach ache. I have a different meal for each day of the week which seems to work for me.
Monday-Ceam of wheat with mushed up banana and brown sugar
Tuesday-Egg in a basket
Wednesday-Tofu Hash
Thursday-Fruit Scone(whichever flavor I made that week) with clotted cream and homemade jam
Friday-Oatmeal with dried fruit and greek yogurt
Saterday-Leftover pizza( I know its not healthy but hey I am 23 so why not)
Sunday-Big breakfast feast at my mums house.
Mmmm now I am hungry maybe I will make breakfast for dinner


It’s fun to see what everyone eats. Morning is the hungriest I am all day. I wake up ravenous! Due to a gazillion allergies and major hunger, I usually have dinner-ish food for breakfast. I usually eat a small portion of green veggies and meat. It’s weird but healthy and they do this in other countries so it’s legit! Even before I was allergic, carbs just always put me in a coma. My absolute favorite breakfast is eggs with a delicious little side salad or sauteed greens but now I’m allergic to eggs – boo hoo! I used to eat yogurt smoothies when I was a teenager.