post off: what’s your favorite street food?

It seems like mobile food carts and trucks are sweeping the nation. I’ve always been a fan of the L.A. taco truck phenomenon, and here in Seattle, in addition to the usual “roach coaches” and hot dog carts, there’s a flood of mobile food options for diners. These trucks and carts run the gamut from my favorite falafel to burgers with bacon jam and cambozola cheese, giving us champagne dinners at beer prices. Cities like Austin, Portland, and New York have their own mobile food explosions, making wonder if the days of brick-and-mortar restaurants are numbered. There’s a great read on high-end “street food” at Time Magazine. Do you have a favorite street treat, or do you tend to shy away from meals on wheels? –Megan B.

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love them for some great cheap good food. and hey, unlike most establishments I can usually see the kitchen and my food coming out.

locally I love:
– taco trucks (yes even in upstate NY)
– the much missed Nick Tahou’s on wheels for a garbage plate
– and even the dog gets excited for the ice cream truck when she hears it.
– the street festival people, unfortunately this year nearest to my main street home was a fried dough vendor, imagine the temptation of fried dough all weekend steps from your living room over half the summer.

in NYC I couldn’t pass up my favorite falafel and gyro stand whenever I saw him usually once a month on 4th street.

but visiting Portland I couldn’t believe the options, there was a whole square of street food like a tent city. I was too overwhelmed by options but it smelled heavenly, too bad that was before your out-and-about.

My two favorite streetfoods, abundant in LA are:

Taco Trucks (yes to fish tacos!)
Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

I know.

It’s kinda lame to do this in the comment section.

But I had the best of intentions, I can assure you.

But I gotta just say “ditto” to Louise’s choices.

(Oh…and Louise. Tidy up the guest room. I’m comin’
for a visit. And, yes, bacon wrapped hotdogs are just
FINE for breakfast.) !!!!!!!

Laura D

Just today I tried Maximus/Minimus and it was REALLY yummy! Check them out for sure. Also, got married 2 weekends ago and we used Skillet for our rehearsal dinner and totally love them too!

Hot dogs or sausages… they’re just so much better when done on a BBQ, and the smell of them when you walk past a street vendor is so yummy. Every summer there is a neighbourhood garage sale in a part of the city, where everyone sets out a table on their lawn and sells their junk, and it’s a hot dog vendor’s dream. It’s the beginning of summer to me: walking around at yard sales with a hot dog or sausage, cool soda, and dark sunglasses.


Tacos. For sure. BUT as I live in Austin, I have to specify – breakfast tacos. Oh man, they don’t have anything quite like the Austin breakfast taco anywhere – and I’ve lived in LA, San Francisco and Dallas. It’s not a burrito, it’s not for any other meal of the day… but a genuine breakfast taco from a breakfast taco truck is to die for.

I love the corn that you can get downtown LA. They serve the corn on a stick, smothered in mayo, parmesan cheese, cayenne pepper. Delish! I’m salivating now.

There’s also the Kogi tacos sensation here in LA. It is Koren bbq wrapped in corn tortillas. They also offer burritos and quesadillas. People line up down the block and track their locations online.


Downtown Miamisburg (there’s only one city by that name in the USA) hamburger wagon on the circle every week day. We used to drive 15 minutes one way to get them at least once a week when I worked in that area. The absolute best sliders anywhere. They mix pork and beef (or so I’ve heard) grill the buns, the perfect combo of onions, pickles, salt and pepper. They are not cheap and they are NOT good for you, but they ARE the best burgers I have ever had.

El Camion in SoDo and Marination Mobile!

Mary T

Oh, Ellie, don’t worry — we hit the street food when we were in Portland, most definitely!

Personally, I prefer Coney Island hot dogs, Detroit style. They’re the best!