personal library kit: best-seller for bibliophiles

My favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk, once wrote about how he’d like to deduct money on his tax return for copies of his favorite books, because he buys them over and over again every year. The problem is, he lends them out and “what happens is they never come back. Good books never do.” Don’t let it happen to you! Arm yourself with the personal library kit from Knock Knock at Fred Flare. The kit comes with everything you need to be a stern librarian including self-adhesive pockets, insert cards, and an old-fashioned date stamp (cat eye glasses and nubby sweater not included). At $20, it’s a great, inexpensive gift for any forgetful bookworm or soon-to-be-departing college student. –Katie D.

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T Bone

Too bad it doesnt come with a polaroid camera and a wall to post ‘do not lend to these people’ pictures


I have this kit. I found it at a yard sale. I knew it cost more than $2.

Unfortunately, Knock Knock no longer manufactures this kit so stock up because refills for the cards and stickers are no longer available. I found that out the hard way. Still love my kit though.