green find: driftwood cat scratchers from phoenix feline furniture

I’ll admit it: I’m a crazy cat lady. My two “furry kids” are the light of my life, so after years of slumming it with ugly cardboard cat scratchers, I recently upgraded to this cool driftwood scratcher from Phoenix Feline Furniture. Made from driftwood sustainably sourced from the beaches of Vancouver Island, BC, each piece is unique. The driftwood is pressure washed and kiln dried before assembly, removing any lingering crawlies or brackish aromas. Prices start at around $30 for the smallest pieces like mine, and go up from there — some of the impressive tree-like creations go as high as 7 ft., but are still quite affordable. I found mine at a local pet store, but you can contact the site for purchase — and custom designs! –Megan B.

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What a great idea! Much nicer to look at that ugly sisal or carpeted scratching posts…

This is a great idea, and the price is right!