new obsession: aerolatte milk frother


I broke up with Starbucks recently, citing the economy (we just couldn’t agree on finances) and it has been a rough few months. Even my parents are upset, because they used to love when I’d bring him around. Despite it, I still love the indulgence of sitting down with a better-than-average cup of coffee from time to time, so when I learned about the Aerolatte, I was instantly obsessed! This little guy allows me to whip up a luxe latte anytime in my apartment without breaking the bank, totally erasing my desire to run out for coffee. Available in five different finishes (including the cute cow print!) the Aerolatte starts at around $16 on, and pays for itself in just about three cups of joe. It’s also perfect for making whipped cream, milkshakes, and other fab drinks in a snap! For fun, frothy recipes, click here. –Sarah C.

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It’s also pretty perfect for mixing baby formula when you’re on the road..

Sorry about your break up…uhm,,I bought my mini-frother at the local 99cents store and it, with it’s cool stand, works just as well as the mini-frother my sister bought at IKEA ;)! It looks like this little guy gets around more than “Starbucks”!

Megan B.

I love the aerolatte! I use it with my aeropress coffee maker to make delicious lattes when traveling!I even made hollandaise sauce in a hotel room with it once. Mine died recently, and could use a replacement, though.

Cool. I like the cow print. :)

Julianne P.

These are adorable, chic, and functional. You have an eye for this stuff!


I love my Ikea ones ($1 – can’t beat that!). I use one for coffee/milk and the other I use to emulsify salad dressings and sauces – it’s perfect! Great for making a teeeny bit of whipped cream too if you’re in the mood and have the time!