a stapler without the staples

I used to do a similar torn-paper trick in grade school, but it didn’t look nearly as tidy as the result of this staple free stapler at ThinkGeek. “This handy (and might we add — environmentally friendly) device cuts a tiny flap in the corner of your paper, and folds it in on itself, tucked in a tiny paper pocket,” they write. It only holds together five sheets of paper, but it could be a nice alternative to lots of tiny pieces of metal. –Mary T.

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This little guy might hold 5 sheets of paper. I have one… it does best with very few. It’s not going to get a person through college, alas.

I have this and I love it so much. I can’t imagine using staples anymore. However, for larger things, I recommend binder clips.

I have this little cat stapler at my desk: http://www.amazon.com/Staple-Free-Stapler-Child-Safe/dp/B000JL13K6/ref=pd_sim_op_5
Personally, I adore the staple-less stapler. I’m always amazed by the little flap it creates. I rarely need to bind together more than three sheets of paper, so it’s perfect for everyday use. And it looks really freaking cute on my boring beige desktop.

I’ve had mine for years and love it. Just experimented on the giant stack of papers that came home with the boy on the first day of school:
5 pages: works perfectly
6 pages: chokes a little
7 pages: didn’t want to release it’s death grip, but finally did after I sweet talked it a little.


How funny! I almost bought one of these at Paper Source today. Now I feel like I should have…


I have one too. the little paper flap is very cute. but not so good if you need to un-staple and re-staple, gets a little messy.