in praise of garbage picking

Check out this winner of a Readymade garden makeover contest — all the pieces were scored from the street or from friends. I’m not sure about the astroturf-covered couch (looks scratchy) but I love the idea of repurposing an old metal wheelbarrow as a firepit. (The usual warnings about making sure it’s free of hazardous paint would apply.) I am a diehard garbage picker myself — just today I brought home an umbrella-shaped outdoor clothesline someone had put on the curb. I also recently rescued a retro outdoor chaise that just needed a little re-webbing and a sturdy wooden bench that was once in a dentist’s waiting room. What’s greener than reusing something that someone else put out on the curb — and what’s more fun than seeing the potential in someone else’s trash? –Mary T.

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Please let us know where you find webbing. I have a chair project just waiting to be finished.

Megan B

I too, am a scavenger- if it’s free: I love it!! Plus I’m totally stealing the wheelbarrow as firepit idea. We scored a free rusted out wheelbarrow with a flat tire. What providence!

Mary T

Priscilla, I bought mine on eBay. I aim to have a webbing how-to on here one of these days!

haha. i thought the last issue was kinda weak, but my favorite thing in the whole issue was the tiny pic of the wheelbarrow fire pit. love it!!!

Where are these mysterious places where people put salvagable goods by the side of the road, free for the picking?

Where I live, if there’s a chair by the road, it’s saving the parking spot of the guy who shoveled it – don’t touch the chair if you value your life!

“Garbage picking”? No, no. It’s officially called “Dumpster Diving!”

I love “re-purposing” other people’s hand offs and in addition to keep an eye on the trash piles as I pass, always scroll craigslist for Curb Alerts

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This is so NOT a good idea with the resurgence of bedbugs.

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