measuring spoons get a magnet makeover

In the test kitchen where I sometimes work, we have a drawer full of measuring spoons. Many of them have been disconnected from the o-ring that at one point kept them in sets. For the most part I prefer them this way. I always find it difficult to carefully measure out a teaspoon of vanilla with 4 other spoons hanging awkwardly from the end. That said, it can be more than a little infuriating to seplace through a drawer full of utensils for a tiny little spoon that is lost somewhere between the vegetable peeler and the can opener. This is why I’m in love with the Stainless Steel Double Magnetic Measuring Spoons from The Container Store. The spoons stack together magnetically, but easily come apart for use. Purchase the spoons for $14.99 online. I’m going to pick up a set for my home kitchen, and then see what I can do about my work kitchen! — Erica P.

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I actually have a set of these and I love them. Why didn’t I think of these?….million dollar idea I’m sure. Easy to find, easy to use, they work great.


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